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Litchfield Machine Works Division


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  • We specialize in custom fabrication of material handling equipment such as screw feeders, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, hoppers, bins and other sheet metal parts.

  • We stock carbon steel screws in standard lengths, from 4" to 24" dia. and Screw components: sheet steel, bar and angle stock in 304SS and carbon steel, and power transmission equipment including: screw conveyor drives, shaft mount reducers, speed reducers, bearings, motors, belt drives, chain drives and couplings.
  • We fabricate in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum - standard and food grade specifications.
  • We have complete facilities for light and medium structural steel assembly and all types of sheet metal fabrication as well as extensive machine shop equipment for large cutting, turning, boring, and milling operations. Full metal prep and painting facilities including large separate sandblast room.
  • Screw feeders and screw conveyors are shop assembled and test run before shipping to be sure they are straight and true, to save time on field installation.
  • Belt conveyors are assembled to ensure the frames are straight and square and all components fit, and belt is installed if requested by customer.
  • Bucket elevator casings are assembled in shop for proper fit and match marked for ease of field installation.
  • Fabrication drawings can be prepared by our engineering department for customer approval before fabrication is started.

Litchfield-based Anderson-Crane hopes to double its sales

Contact us today to solve your material handling or specialty fabrication needs:

1219 Harmon Place Minneapolis, MN 55403

612-359-3535 or 800-314-2747

Fax: 612-332-0384


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